sábado, 18 de dezembro de 2010

Para interiorizar

"Se queremos fazer um belo jardim, devemos começar por fazer o seu esboço na nossa imaginação"

Dalai Lama

quarta-feira, 8 de dezembro de 2010

Come along

There is no room for tears in a breaking heart. It is thorn, all the pieces falling apart, you wish of not waking up in the next morning. For some months now you hate mornings, anyway. And you hate most of your days. You try to be indifferent to the pain, the suffering that he's causing you.
Not his fault, oh no, never his fault. You love him deep. You just can't love yourself enough to walk away from him, so you keep staying. And the sadness grows inside you. You can feel something is wrong, but you keep denying that it is your fault.
You allways knew, anyway. How on earth you'd expected him to choose you?! You knew he wouldn't. And now you cry. Finally you've come to terms with the reality you've been actively ignoring, pretending to believe in that fantasy.

Now you cry and try to put all that sadness outside you, but it just keeps on growing. Because you lost your hope and your dreams falled apart, and the one you wanted to hold you is not there for you. He's never been, actually. You understand that it was all in your silly head, don't you?

So you have no more room for all that sadness inside your heart, so you cry. You try to put all those ugly thoughts out of your head, but they keep coming back. You daydream about ending everything, stop this pain that is consuming you, you wish to die. And now you're afraid of yourself. You're afraid of doing something to yourself. Because you don't love yourself, you love him and he's not with you. He never was.

So come along, take my hand and let's get out of this place. I'll take care of you, you'll be okay. Promise.